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Traditional and contemporary Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan plus Health Qigong

Teaching since 1994

The CODE OF CONDUCT provides for a safe, respectful, and professional environment for the practice of our activities. It is consistent with the codes of conduct of the national and international organisations which we are a member of. All members of Yang Style Tai Chi Auckland NZ, including students, shall adhere to the Code of Conduct:

  • Respect all teachers, including visiting teachers, past and current.
  • Do no harm to anyone.
  • Teach within the scope of practice.
  • Maintain professional boundaries (such as no inappropriate physical contact).
  • Do not exploit others financially.
  • Maintain student confidentiality.
  • Direct students to seek medical attention when necessary.
  • Discriminate against no one.
  • Do not solicit students from another school or from another instructor.
  • Treat students and colleagues with respect, truth, fairness and integrity.
  • Use good business, employment and intellectual practices.
  • Do not misrepresent one’s skills, training, professional credentials, identity or services.
  • Continue one’s education to enhance one’s knowledge and skills.
  • Provide the highest quality services to the students.
  • Do not spread untrue rumours or information about anyone.
  • Obey all laws wherever one may be in the world.